DRIPOTAGE is a rapidly growing community, and because of that we have decided to make a Discord group to have the whole community in one place. First 420 members to join get a limited role that no one else will have after we achieve 420 official members in our group.

– Limited role to the first 420 Day One Members

– English & Spanish chat rooms

– Drip Event/Competition

– Exclusive information inside


At DRIPOTAGE we have an exclusive newsletter for you providing you with a large variety of information every month. As soon as you sign up you will receive an email a week, and you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

– Weekly Trap news, everything you need to know about the TRAP world

– Discounts to various clothing brands

– Possibility for a shoutout if you join

– Access to certain info, that isn’t available else where

Visit our Instagram page and follow us for the latest Drip & Trap news.

About Us

We started DRIPOTAGE all the way in September 2019, since then we have been growing our community and creating content for them. But our goal now is to manufacture limited clothing drops for those worthy and who wish to be part of the movement… This is a chance to join and become part of the community.

“DRIPOTAGE is the best drip page so far on Instagram, very interactive, high-quality images, and NO spammy captions”

“En mi opinion DRIPOTAGE tiene muchas cualidades que otras cuentas desearian tener, pero si estas aqui, ya lo sabes”

“I love how they care about their community, and how they are going out of their way to make DRIPOTAGE into a very interactive page for their audience. I’m definitely sticking around for this journey!”